Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 15, 2007

More weird stuff…

  • Sarah has a boy named Fakih (pronounced Fah-kee) in one of her classes and even Indonesian kids make fun of his name

  • Our school has been “preparing” to move for about three months now – as of this week I no longer have an air conditioner in my classroom

  • Sarah actually hit a guy with her bag who was persistently following too close behind a few weeks ago

  • I found a way to work The Smiths into a lesson

  • “Lost” Season 3 is not as disappointing as everyone said it was

  • Sarah accidentally brought home some porn on our portable flash drive from the internet café… oh, wait. Yeah. That’s not such a strange thing at any country’s internet café…

  • We got to see one of Indonesian Idol’s stars perform at a mall – there were hundreds of people there to see him

  • I haven’t eaten at Pizza Hut this much since I was in high school

  • We got to see Indonesian recording star Atlas getting mobbed at another mall

  • Some quotes from the menu at Black Canyon Coffee, where the “…coffee is as black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, and sweet as love!”:

“Provocative shower of taste…”

“Share with your sweetheart or with your favorite group of yuppies…”

“Taste it and try it.”

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guodalakim said... that italian or american sausage on your pizza hut pizza...oh, that's right, never they serve chocolate pudding on the salad bar?