Sunday, December 9, 2007

December 9, 2007

This is a public service announcement.

And by “public service” we mean you could help Sarah and me. We had to leave behind our cats Spike and Mixy Mae in the States. Trust us, Indonesia is no place for domesticated animals of any type. Before leaving, we tried believing we could have them sent after us, but that was a foolish dream. Now we need to find a nice foster home for them to stay until October. Sarah’s brother Andy, who’s watching them now, is willing to drive down from Olympia to Portland to deliver the animals.

We do not want to find a permanent home for them. We want them back. They’re good cats. Mixy (11 years old) is de-clawed and Spike (almost 3) does not claw things if you keep his claws trimmed. Both are affectionate (especially Spike). Mixy sleeps a lot.

Our deadline is Christmas. If you can help us out, we’d love you forever. Let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.


J.J. said...

Merry Christmas Peter and Sarah! And best wishes for a great '08...Jebra

Becca Bikes said...

Hello Roths!
We have a little girl kitty coming to live with us tonight. We are very excited to have a member of your family stay with us until you return. Miss you guys!!
Sarah (Young)